The Garrett County Historical Society and History Museum collect and house books, records, and material of historical significance to the residents and visitors to Garrett County. The Society’s Library currently houses hundreds of books and folders including the following resources:

  1. Family Books – books written and compiled by researchers about certain families in Garrett County
  2. Family Files – file folders compiled by researchers about families in Garrett County that contain pictures, newspapers articles, and family trees
  3. Census Records
  4. Church Records
  5. Cemetery Records
  6. Marriage Records – compiled both by the Society and DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)
  7. Glades Star Volumes – original copies of all the past Glades Stars from 1941 to present
  8. County History Books – compiled by both the Society and other local authors about the County history
  9. Local History Books – compiled by both the Society and other local authors about the history of the individual towns in Garrett County
  10. Obituaries
  11. Death Records
  12. Birth Records
  13. Military Records – both from Garrett County and neighboring West Virginia counties Preston and Tucker
  14. Maps – both current and past maps of the Garrett County area including maps of local trails
  15. Newspapers – past newspapers containing articles of historic events in Garrett County
  16. Subject Files – compiled information about topics concerning Garrett County
  17. Historic Building Survey – maps and information about historic homes and buildings in Garrett County
  18. Reference Books
  19. Land Records – deeds, tax lists, and abstracts of land records from Garrett and Allegheny Counties in Maryland
  20. Museum Publications – books compiled by the Society for research
  21. Photo Albums – more than 20 albums containing pictures of Garrett County
  22. Unclaimed War Medals – lists of war medals left unclaimed from the Civil War
  23. Church Histories
  24. Settlers Records – books containing information about early Garrett County settlers
  25. Maryland State Documents – documents from the State of Maryland regarding information about the formation of Garrett County This is just a list of known documents and books in our Library.

We also have miscellaneous records and unknown information that we always appreciate finding out more about.