Explore Our Treasures

The Garrett County Historical Museum houses a treasure trove of exhibits related to the founding of Garrett County, the history of the land, and the way of life for Garrett County citizens from years past.

It is primarily a self-guided facility but we are happy to provide tour services as well.

Visit over 200 Years of Garrett County in one afternoon. You will be transported to an era when hotels were bustling with business, trains came through town 12 times a day, and Deep Creek Lake was merely a stream.

The Deer Park Hotel was one of the most successful hotels in the nation and the county became a tranquil, mountain paradise with the excitement of new businesses everywhere.

You’ll see a replica of a B&O train referred to as “Little Maryland.” The train, built by Stephen Pagenhart, began when he was only 16 years old. The fully operational replica train took him three years to complete and was featured in the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

The Museum features a variety of artifacts that will take you through generations of Garrett County history and immerse you in a world of changing culture. The Museum is an exciting trip for the whole family — a fun, friendly, entertaining place to visit that only takes a short time to tour.